In the spring of 1994, members of Houghton College’s business faculty, Dave Frasier, Dick Halberg, and Ken Bates learned the college was preparing to build a motel at the entrance to the college campus. They along with Tom Miner, a local attorney, responded to their entrepreneurial spirit to propose that the college instead allow them to develop their own plans and build it privately on land leased from the college.

By July plans were approved, furnishings were ordered, and construction began on one of the first modular-construction hotels in the country. On August 29, fourteen units arrived in Houghton and were lifted into place. Exactly thirty days later, September 29, we welcomed our first guests, members of the James Irving family from New Brunswick, Canada.

The Inn continues to be owned by what came to be known as The Houghton Development Group. Dave and Dick have moved on to other projects but Tom and Ken continue.

Since day one, The Inn has been operated by innkeepers, hired to live in The Inn and who are responsible for the day-to-day operation of the business.

We’ve been pleased to partner with innkeepers Charlie and Laura Wilson (1994-1995); Jim and Rochelle Bohm (1995-1999); Andy and Melissa Cahill (1999-2001); Chris and Noelle Winkens (2001-2004); David and Becky Samuels (2004-2006); Reuben and Bridget Samuels (2007-2010); Ben and Shannon Kitchen (2010-2014); Kevin and Cindy Austin (2014-2016); Neal and Clara Fahey (2016-2018); Peter and Joanna Bates (2018-2024); and now Tracey Smith serves as our host to guests and passersby in our community.

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