For over nine years, Tracey Smith has been the heart and soul of The Inn at Houghton Creek. Starting as a dedicated Housekeeper and rising through the ranks to become Project Manager and Assistant Innkeeper. Tracey’s journey has been a testament to her unwavering dedication and commitment to excellence.

Now stepping into the role of innkeeper, Tracey brings with her a wealth of experience and a passion for creating unforgettable guest experiences. Her warm and genuine one-on-one interactions with each guest have become the hallmark of their stay, leaving a lasting impression of warmth and hospitality.

But Tracey’s impact extends far beyond the guest’s experience. As a leader, she advances a collaboration and camaraderie among her team, inspiring them to go above and beyond to ensure every guest feels welcomed and cared for.

A beloved mother to her son, Maverick, Tracey’s love and dedication extends beyond the walls of the inn, enriching the lives of all who have the privilege of knowing her.

With Tracey at the helm, The Inn at Houghton Creek continues to be a beacon of warmth and welcome in the heart of the village, where every guest is treated like family and every stay is an unforgettable experience.


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